Thursday, August 22, 2013

From So So Bedroom to Beautiful Boudoir

I have been wanting to make a Tufted Headboard for quite a while. So here it is! I should start by telling you, it is obviously a Re-Vamp and not an original which was so much better anyway. This Headboard was made by Beau Monde Creations in Los Angeles many years ago and it is a stunner.

They just don't make them like this anymore. It looks like it came straight out of Hollywood. Hhhmm from Hollywood to a Church Rummage sale, if this Headboard could talk, it would have one heck of a story I bet. The other pieces in this Photo were from the same Church Rummage sale. Anyway, I do not have a lone pic of the Headboard so here it is.

So Onto the Process.. I took apart the whole thing.  I pulled out all of the screws on the back, then all of the staples on the fabric and last the pronged buttons came out one by one. I saved all of the pronged buttons for the next step.

So, since I did not want to change out the original pronged Buttons and I could not use them if they remained the original Red Velvet color, I went ahead and painted them. I used the same Homemade Chalkpaint that was later used on the Bed Frame. I just dipped each one in the paint and let them dry. Phewww it actually worked! What a time saver, not to mention they came out just the right color.

The Fabric I used to re-cover the Headboard was a Vintage Linen Tablecloth. I had picked it up at an Estate Sale, it was in really good shape and I love the simple texture and color. It was much more affordable than buying new fabric, it was only $3 and it had the Vintage Feel I wanted for the Re-Vamp. I kept the original piece of foam in place since it was in good condition.

Next, I cut the fabric to fit the Piece and put in a few staples here and there, to keep it in place while I pushed in each of the Pronged Buttons. This part is a little tricky, finding the holes and all, but still way easier than starting from scratch.

After pulling all of the Prongs through and re-setting them in the back, I re-stapled them back down for good measure. It also helps to keep them from sticking out and scratching the wall.

After I got the Tufting all done, I moved onto the painting of the Frame. I knew I wanted to have a layered color scheme but nothing too drastic. I actually spray painted the first coat as a base color. I used Valspar Flat Spray Paint, the color was La Fonda Mirage. I sprayed a light coat so that the Gold underneath would still be accessible after I distressed the piece.

Next, came my own creamy colored Chalkpaint.  I can't tell you what color it is exactly because I mix them up with what I have on hand typically.  I used a chippy brush and did not cover it completely, just dry brushed it on lightly. The last step was to distress the piece, heavily on the carved detailed pieces. I used steel wool and sand paper in this last step.

The last step was to put it all back together and Voila! It took a little while to do each of the steps, but all in all it was much easier for me then creating a new Tufted Headboard. It also had all of the beautiful detail and carving that would be missing if I had not used the Vintage Carved piece.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my Project! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment for me. I would be happy to get back to you.


  1. so adorable and charming.

    hope you'll visit me back.


    1. Thanks so Much Michele. You have a Lovely Page. I checked it out! Wendy

  2. It looks great! I see those fabulous tufted headboards pop up on Craigslist occasionally, but I'm always intimidated to try reupholstering one. Your came out beautifully!

    Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed's link party :)

    1. Thank you Brynne, I appreciate the positive feedback. This was my first wack at tufting, it took a while but boy was it worth it. I have 4 other clients that want one now too. Now to find other frames that are similar, that is tough. I will check out your page today! Wendy

  3. Hooray for Hollywood! This is a showstopper for sure. Come visit me to see if you like my furniture re-dos. I am into vintage, too, especially French.

    1. I love that style too, thanks so much, checking out your page!

  4. You did a great job on this! We bought a nearly identical headboard a few years ago (how funny it was also red velvet in a gold frame) and had a professional recover it with white canvas fabric, keeping the gold frame. I was just too afraid to ruin it by trying to recover it myself, especially w/all that tufting. I LOVE ours now! I have a very neutral bedroom and it looks so regal in there, that headboard is really the showstopper.


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