Fabulous Finds

Check out this Week's Fab Finds!

These treasures were all found in one weekend of hunting! All of them combined, cost under $80!

(Tip) I usually start hunting on Thursday or Friday morning at the latest, if you wait till Saturday or even Sunday you will miss all the good stuff. I map out my day on Craigslist the night before and I make sure I have web addresses for all of the local Estate Sale companies, they don't always place adds on Craigslist. These pieces were from an Estate Sale, and a few yard sales. Don't be intimidated by Estate Sales, they often have the best treasures and if you buy in bulk (Bundle) you typically get a better deal.

(Tip) What to Buy? Be Selective, stick to the pieces that are well made, have classic lines, can be used for multiple purposes, and that speak to you. Will the piece you buy still be relevant 10 years from now? I look at the lines and not the current paint color or scratches, you can always paint it or change the fabric later. Don't be afraid of a little dirt, some of my best deals were the dirtiest. Just make sure you don't take home any spiders, ugh, I have almost loaded up a piece with a big ole black widow underneath, Not Cool!

(Trick) This awesome old metal bed frame I found at a Yard Sale for $20 is a very versatile piece, don't limit yourself to just using it on a bed. These pieces make great wall hangings for blanket storage, towel bars, look fab in a garden, can be upcycled into a bench, the options are limitless. Need a little inspiration, check out Pinterest for amazing ideas and tutorials.

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