Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fabric Decoupage Chair Makeover
I first saw the idea for a Fabric Decoupage Chair pinned from the blog citygirlgonecoastal. I just knew at some point I would need to to give this one a try.

It just so happened, not to long after I pinned that cutie, one of my clients mentioned she would need a new chair to go with the Vanity/Desk she had recently purchased from me for her daughters room.

This is the Chair I used, I found it at a awesome little church rummage sale on half off day, it was a whopping $1.50! Can you believe it? Holy Cow, what a deal! Here is a Tip (Some of my Best Finds have come from Church Rummage Sales)

On to the Make-Over. So, as you can see, the chair has this great little inset detail, just perfect for a little Decoupage treatment to match the seat cushion fabric re-do. First I painted the chair in the matching paint color to go with the Vanity/Desk.

Here is the funky vintagesque style fabric I used. I just removed the ugly plastic seat cover and covered it with a new piece of batting and then stapled it all to the bottom of the seat. Did I mention, I love Staple guns? I sure can't sew, but I can Staple the heck out of a project.

Next I moved on to the top piece of the chair, now here is the really fun part. First I cut out my fabric to fit the space in the top of the chair.  I just painted my Decoupage glue onto the wood and then placed the fabric onto the glue. I then painted over the Fabric with the same Decoupage glue and let it dry. I think I did about 3 or 4 coats, letting it dry between each coat.

                   The Decoupage glue will dry clear, but it will look a little gluey until it dries.

And Ta Da, there you have it, a Fabulous little Chair Re-Vamp. Super Easy, Fast, and Fun! Now, Lets see, what else do I have around here that needs some Decoupage.......

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